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Grom Usb Adapter Not Working

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Hello everybody

In the forum of the lexus owners club europe they can't help me, that's why I hope i will find a solution here, mainly the Grom Audio adapter is an american product.

History of my issue:

I have a Lexus IS200 with SSS and navigation ex works. Unfortunately I have the known problem with Error1 and Error3 of my cd player, sometimes there are only interuptions without and error for 2 seconds, in this time the player sounds like it would load the cd new.

I thougt a usb adapter will solve this problem, what's right because the lens is dirty I think and it's the main reason for the errors...Anyway i bought a adapter from Germany called zemex, it's working without problems, plug and play! But unfortunately the quality isn't like from CD although the mp3 files are exactly the same like burned on the cd, that's very strange becuase in the lexus europe forum has several user the same car modell with the zemex adapter and they hear no difference between the quality from the adapter and cd, it seems like I'm the only one who has a poor quality over the adapter...Anyway I ordered the Grom Audio adapter because they wrote that's it quicker in reaction (change songs, etc.) and better quality.

I get the adapter last week and plugged in, but the adapter was not recongnized although the light on the usb stick was flashing. I wrote to the grom support and the suggested to load the firmware on the stick, even that didn't help. I tried all ways to solve this problem, reconnection whole adapter etc.

Maybe somebody from you guys can help me or have an idea what the problem could be? Otherwise i have to listen music in poor quality or i repair the lexus cd player... :-(

thank a lot!



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