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What Is The Size Of The Es300 Front Seat Bottom

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We inherited a 2003 ES300 along with a house and garage. Nice car. Drove it from Tucson to Santa Fe and my butt was killing me. Finally bought a goose down pillow which made it more comfortable but looked a bit silly and tended to fall on the road when I would get out.

Now back home and planning to fly over and use the car in August for three months and lots of freeway driving. I figure the best thing to do is to make a seat cushion using Visco memory foam wrapped in sheepskin (we live on a farm on an island so we have a complete workshop including leather sewing gear). There are no Lexus cars here for me to measure. What I need are the dimensions of the inner panels on the seat bottom. This is the panel with three seams that is between the side bolsters.

Would someone be kind enough to go out to your ES300 and measure it for me? I need width between the bolsters and length from seat back to seat front.

And out of curiousity, has anyone else found the ES300 drivers seat to be uncomfortable, or is it likely this particular one has worn out foam under the leather? The car has about 85,000 miles on it (from memory) and the last six years was driven locally by a grandma over 70 and petite.

Thanks in advance for the measurements. If I can figure out how to upload an image, I'll post the result once I'm done.

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