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New Ls400 ---Problems : Vsc , Brakes , Speedometer

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Hey all thanks so much for your generous input when I was on the fence about buying an 98 LS400 with 40K miles.

I did buy it. :blink: :D :)

I seem to have inherited some problems though :chairshot: :angry: .

I had a looong road trip back home, just about 1100 Miles.

This has given me a great opportunity to test it.

I'll list the problems I've noticed as of yet.

1) Check VSC came on once I pulled into a tight parking spot at a grocery store. It almost felt like ABS was kicking in on the front wheels. It seems to be intermittent though. It restarts usually when I restart the car. Sometimes I get lucky and the message never gets displayed.

2) When I press the brakes I hear what sounds like some springs creaking. I hear the noise only when I am parked and hit my brakes to get into drive or park

3) Speedometer sometimes doesn't work when starting off...but usually starts after a short while... 5-10 minutes.

The first time this happened I turned off the car and restarted it. Speedometer started working again.

My old Volvo forum had some VERY well mechanical versed folks on the forum. I'm kind of excited to see how mechanically savvy you all are. But then again I'm sure those folks were very well versed because they spent many MANY hours fixing their Volvos. :blink:

Thanks very much my new friends!


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The VSC and brake noises could easily be related, a bad wheel speed sensor would trigger the VSC and make noises as well, as could a bad wheel bearing since the tone ring in pressed on to it. I'd start there.

The speedometer is driven by the VSS on the transmission, it's unlikely it's related and could just be a worn gear on the unit, or a faulty signal to the cluster. You can remove and inspect the VSS without too much trouble then start working your way backwards. Or forwards, in this case.

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