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Air Strut Seized.


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Hi, I have a 1990 ls400 with the air suspension. Three of the shocks hold air and bleed air just fine. However, the front passenger shock is fully extended and the air bag feels full. I tried to bleed the air and nothing came out. If anyone has any ideas to what is causing it, that would be great. Thanks

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Hey, I'm no expert but I been down this road (and many air suspension roads) with my 91, but I'll give it a shot.

How did you try to bleed the air from the strut?

Hi, I actually just figured out the problem. I tried to bleed the air by unscrewing the inlet hose, which is under the hood. After I unscrewed it, I stuck a nail where I thought the air should come out, and that worked; all the air bled out. Now I fill each shock separately with a small air compressor. It's a good temporary fix. Thanks for replying.

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