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95 Sc4 1Uzfe Auto To Manual

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how much would it cost to convert a 95 1uzfe sc400 to manual?

sc400 never had a manual so you will need: w58 transmission from a supra, bellhousing or adapter plate, custom tranny mount, custom drive shaft, clutch pedal from a manual lexus, anything else?

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You will need these parts. quantum-auto has a kit for the swap. I got my clutch pedal/master cylinder/brake pedal from drift motion. Also got the trim bezel from drift motion. Easy as they gather all the bits needed. The throwout bearing from summit racing. Key pieces are the tranny from MKIV Supra or an SC300 and the driveshaft from a SC300. It is pretty straight forward to do the swap and has been done by quite a few. Cost really depends on how much you pay for the tranny and driveshaft. I think i did mine for about $2200.

I have no affiliation with any of the vendors, just a satisfied customer.

Parts list from another forum:

Main Parts

1uzfe W58 Swap Kit (Quantum-Auto.com) includes the following

-Adapter Plate

-Flywheel (Steel or Aluminum depending how deep your pockets are)

-Pressure Plate

-Full Face DF Clutch

-Clutch Lines

-Howe Bearing Spacer

-Alignment Tool

-Pilot Bearing

-Bolt Kit

-OEM Flywheel bolts

Parts you need to source

W58 Transmission from a MK4 Supra OR SC300 - Any year - DO NOT USE AN MK3 Supra W58 unless you know what you are getting yourself into!

Howe 82870 Throwout Bearing

SC300 Clutch Pedal

SC300 Master Cylinder

SC300 Manual Driveshaft

Shifter Bezel Trim Piece

Shift Knob

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