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Big Time Issues

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Hey everyone,

I am having some issues with my 1993 SC300. I was having issues for the last year off and on with it stalling and not re-starting. Often times I would be sitting at a light and I would watch the RPMs randomly fall to 0 and the car would shut off. The only way to keep it on was to keep hitting the gas, even at stops.

After replacing the fuel filter and even fuel pump to no avail, my mechanic put a fuse to bypass the CPU for the gas system I believe. The fuse was under the driver's seat. It ran well for a couple weeks and I started to notice symptoms. Sometimes the RPM gauge wouldn't work, other times the speedometer. It would vibrate more than the normal broken motor mount vibration. Then yesterday a new symptom appeared. After driving if it sits for a while when I start the car it shudders and shake very badly. A large amount of smoke plumes from the exhaust pipes and I smell gas. After a few minutes it subsides. I am not sure if this relates to the fuel system being unable to communicate and there being excess gas or something. I am very concerned about even driving it as it seems dangerous.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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