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New Owner-Old Problem


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so i made the jump to lexus-have always had toyotas or chevy

this time im sorry-but i got such a great deal on it i couldnt refuse-its an 01 rx300 2wd with 122k miles

all seems great except the p/s is whining horrible esp on cold start up

not a big deal i thought ill bleed and flush the system right?

well today i opened the hood and started it cold and the noise is from the trans/convertor area!

tranny seems to work fine but man its whiney-fluid is good red and full no metal in it

what should i do?

sell it,blow it up or run it till she dies?

thanks guys -should have checked this site before i bought it huh?

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def the tranny-front pump whining

so i decided to change filter and fluid-the old fluid was red and ok-level was good

well i dropped the pan and the filter and noticed that the o ring just fell out-im thinking that the trans was sucking air as the o ring wasnt tight enough and caused an air leak maybe it stretched over time?

replaced o ring and filter added fresh amsoil and shes quiet as a mouse!

btw the filter was pretty dirty but there wasnt anyting in the pan or on the magnets

so far ive gone about 200 miles and everything is good-hopefully it will stay that way

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