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Parts Car Purchase Question. New Member


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Hello all. I am a new member. This is my first post. I really love the SC400, and cannot yet afford one. I have however found a 1997 SC400 that is a wrecked parts car. My question is, is it worth parting out? I have experience on eBay, and just joined this forum. My goal is to make some money from it to buy a working model. It has leather, good engine/trans/186k Miles and overall pretty nice.

Any tips on what parts are hot? Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it. Maybe you will see me around alot more if I can part this guy out!

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It depends. I bought and sold salvage cars and parts for several years, one car was '92 SC400. People are always looking for parts, but not everyone wants to pay what they're worth, especially on Ebay. Plus after you get raped by all their fees you haven't turned any profit. If you don't mind the hassle of shipping things just to make $10-15 on each part it's not bad.

The main issue I found on the SC was the parts that were in demand, what people really needed, were equally worn out or damaged on mine. As is with any car, problem areas surface regardless of the car's age and wear, so the stuff that you feel will sell the best probably isn't any better than what the buyer already has. Engines are bulletproof and hard to move, as is the transmission. If you can get it really cheap ($500 at most), it may be worth it for you, otherwise I'd pass.

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