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First Time Lexus Owner 90 Es250

TC Brooks

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I very recently bought a 90 Lexus es250 and have worked out a few minor issues with it but the current one is giving me problems and i could use some help. For one I can't seem to find any repair manuals on this model. The second problem would be taken care of by the first I'm sure but other wise the headlight aiming adjusters are, all 4, completely stripped internally and the current aim is excessive low and focus most of the light about 6 inches off the bumper and make it difficult and unsafe to drive at night with out the fog lights on and i hate using the fog lights. I can see where i could easily replace the adjusters with a simple long skinny bolt, lock washers and a few nuts but i can't see how to get the headlight assembly off without removing practically the whole front of the car.

Is that what has to be done or am i missing something?

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