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2010 Lexus Rx350 Trailer Hitch


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We have around 35 trailer hitches for the 2010 Lexus RX350, they are made by Cequent which is the parent company of Hidden Hitch/Draw-Tite/ and Reese. We only have around 7 with Hidden Hitch logo and the rest are Draw-Tite. It is part number 75669 (Draw-Tite) which has been replaced by 75676. The reason they were switched is because the initial model the Hidden Hitch sold attached by cornering the frame rail and attaching that way, that design was changed in the last few months. That is the design we have for sale, it is actually a little more concealed since it sits about an inch higher than the 75676.

These hitch require no drilling and come with full lifetime warranty. The installation instructions can be found here: http://www.trailerhitches.com/images/pdf/CE1289.pdf

New model installation sheet is here for comparisons: http://www.hiddenhitch.com/fitguides/pdf/N87569.pdf

I have attached pictures of the Draw-Tite model.

All of these hitches are on sale for $95 plus shipping. Shipping can range anywhere from 20 bucks to more, it really depends on where you are located. Item will ship from our shop in Las Vegas so best deals will be for local customers and customers on West Cost, California, Arizona etc. Currently, we can not offer shipping to Canada for this part, however we do have the updated part still manufactured by Hidden Hitch but with a U-Haul sticker for $159.95 including shipping anywhere in US and Canada including Alaska and Hawaii.

Please send us your zip code for a shipping quote. We use FedEx ground for our packages, however if you prefer USPS we can ship Parcel Post which may cost less. Additionally if you have your own account number we can use that to ship the package. We take any form of payment, paypal, any credit card, check or money order. Please note that we must wait for your check to clear before shipping anything out. Name of our business is Red Apple Mail, LLC located on 3635 S. Fort Apache Rd. Ste 200, Las Vegas, NV, 89147. We have made one more thread in the past on Pontiac Vibe forums and had very happy customers, you can review our thread by going here: http://forums.genvibe.com/zerothread?id=40016

We also have 100% feedback on eBay and over 5,000 transactions, you can view our feedback here (hitch not listed on ebay): http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=tinavontease&ftab=AllFeedback&myworld=true

Thanks, here is our contact info

My name is Nedim Karalic, or you may speak to Justine Ortiz

Tel: 702-233-4986 or toll free 877-869-6690 (ask to speak to hitch department)

Cell: 702-374-8999

Fax: 702-893-6245









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The screw that it's anchored on comes from the floor of the cargo area...doubt you unscrew that. Since I don't have the other 11 fasteners undone, I didn't have enough play to just pop it off.They also said the FWD model required a relay that the AWD model already has in place.

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