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Reprogram After Battery


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I had to replace my battery. My fault. I knew how to reprogram the windows but the sunroof is a big question. When I try to close it, I have to stop at just the right spot or it will close and the tilt will go up. When I close the tilt, it will start to open. All this while using the sunroof button, not tilt. I hope that this is not a dealer fixit. Thanks.

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Dead simple fix, and no stealership. I fought with mine for 2 ( yes two ) years before figuring out it had not be reset by the dealer when the battery was replaced.

The reset is in your owner's manual, but it goes like this - Push and HOLD the slide switch towards the forward position until the roof cycles all the way open AND all the way closed. Then release the switch. To chech operation, push and hold the slide switch forward for about 1/2 a second and release. The roof should open about 80% of the way and stop. You can open it he rest of the way by pushing the switch a couple of more times. Closing is the same - push the slide switch to the colsed position and hold for 1/2 a second and the roof should close automatically and even stop in the right spot.


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YES !! It works now. I did finally find it in the owners manual, but your explanation was much better. Thanks a lot for the reply. It's great when things work as they should. It stops at the right spot and forms a seal with no wind noise. Thanks again.

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