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What's The Best Windshield Wiper Brand?


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Hey guys,

I've been trying to find a high quality, reliable windshield wiper brand for my Rx400h, and i need some input. I've tried a few but i don't want to spend more money trying out every brand out there.

The wipers that were on the car when i got it last year were AWESOME. I have no idea which brand they were, so it doesn't help much. And the car was used, so they might not have been OEM.

The first pair i replaced them with last fall were the Trico Winter Wiper blades:


They were nice in the winter for clearing snow off the windshield, and they were completely silent and didn't often streak, but they are SO ugly... They were however very reliable: despite constant use of the alcohol windshield wiper washing fluid, they didn't dry out or anything.

In April i tried a different brand, RainX:


I bought these because they're slimmer than the Trico ones, much more appealing. They were also the most expensive wipers on the shelf at Autozone (i figured the extra price would have to be justified)- but NOPE. They're terrible! They streak, and squeak after EVERY rotation. I gave them a few weeks (thinking they'd get better with age) but no such luck.

So i dug the Trico wipers out of the garbage and have them installed once again.

Does anyone know of another high quality wiper brand i could try? I might try the OEM blades, but i bet the dealer charges a fortune... And my windshield is OEM so that's not the problem. Thanks!

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