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2000 Rx 300 Door Actuator?


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I have a problem that sounds like it may be "the dreaded door lock actuator" but I'm not sure.

Driver side front door, press the lock button with the keyless remote, and the lock tab on the door only flips over half way, leaving the door unlocked still. Pressing the rocker switch (the one on the door itself) gives the same results. If I manually push the lock tab, the door locks.

This is an intermittent problem, sometimes it works fine, other times it doesn't.

I've seen the write-ups here for how to fix the actuator with a cheap universal actuator, but I have not yet identified that the problem is the actuator itself.

Does the problem sound like an actuator issue? I'd like to at least hear that it is before I go the route of opening up the door to test it.

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