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Low Beams Won't Turn On


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2003 ES 300 - Both low beam headlights stay off when the headlight switch is in the ON (top) position.

The headlight icon appears on the instrument panel & the high beams work when the headlight switch is moved.

DRL and all oter headlight switch related lights work fine.

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Could be a fuse. Try looking in the manual for the correct fuse and give it a check.

Does your ES have the standard halogen lows or are they HID? If HID, the problem could be with the bulb ballasts (igniters) or the bulbs themselves. But i find it extremely odd that both ballasts or both bulbs would go out at the same time. Did they go out at the same time? Or gradually?

My guess is the fuse has blow. Rare, but my best guess.

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That i don't know :unsure:

If you can find an electrical diagram for the ES that might help you find it. Not sure where that might be located either, sorry :(

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