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O1+ Ipod/xm Oem Softw Intergration :) !

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The company below only makes Lexus/Toyota parts and uses the head control touch screen/radio for hands free (well not really) operation of the ipod./xm/serius. the es300 is not able to use serius which sucks cause i have a lifetime subscription. Every thing is plug and play it updates the OEM software for you! and when you version goes outta date you can pay $50 and update the firmware for more options etc

Both the ipod/xm are fully functionally through the MD (muli Disc - disc changer) setting. The newer generations have more options when it comes to controls/menus and you can browse by album artist. Newer versions are linked through the regular radio and uses the steering wheel controls. Newer gens also have the option of a hard drive box thing that you can store your music on w cd covers etc with stereo sound. You can skip the hard drive and simply use an usb port for a flash drive, ipod, or other usb music device to read your files from. Newer gens or diff model cars have the option for xm vs serius

Basically it is one option or the other you cant not hook both xm and ipod and use radio/touch controls for both. The ipod box has an aux option to add satellite but you have to use the sat receiver controls. And if you go xm then you have to use the ipod through an external radio transmitter. I’m not sure how the direct ipod plugs work to know if there is an additional way out of it. I hope this helps some.

Gen 2/3 es300 ipod SL2-IUP xm SL2-XMT


ALSO if you are looking for a new dvd email this guy. 2010 is $80 w no overide but 08 w override is $60 yodaling@hotmail.com I found that through a toyota site

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