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No Heat And No A/c

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Hello all,

I have a 1998 ES300 and the heat and ac was working fine until about one month ago where the ac stopped blowing cold air and the control module went blank. Then black smoke came from the hood and it smelt like burnt rubber. Car drives fine tho.

I checked the fuses and they're all good. Also got a new control module and it's still dead....not getting any heat or a/c. Screen isn't even powering on.

My mechanic is telling me the a/c compressor probably seized up, but what would the a/c compressor have to do with the heat....if it seized up, wouldn't it be just blowing hot air?


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Before you start throwing good money after bad, you need to have someone who knows what they're doing diagnose what has failed. The smoke from under the hood that smelled like burning rubber should have been your first clue. Its what suggested your compressor is seized, whether it is or not. If seized, the belt that drives the AC compressor will burn as the accessory belt tries to turn it.

Check your fuses to see if any for the HACV went south.

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