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Hi All -- Changing Oil On Ls 460

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Hi all. I decided to do my first oil change on a new (to me) '07 LS 460L yesterday. The dealer claimed it was done a month before I bought it, but unsure of the quality of oil used or whether this info could be trusted, I decided to do it myself for peace of mind. It was the simplest oil change I have ever done. I used the directions found on for a LS600hL. I couldn't find torque spec for the drain plug in my owner's manual, so went with 30 lb-ft recommended by the article. Everything was easily accessible once the car was up on ramps.

Lesson learned: Use the deepest oil drain pan possible to reduce splashing oil; the pre-warmed oil came out quicker than expected even with the fill cap closed. I had purchased the Blitz 15 qt. pan from Advanced Auto Parts (Part No. 11838) which resulted in a slight mess since the side walls are low. Maybe the sides of a cardboard box to extend the walls would have helped. I'll try that next time. Also, when refilling either use a long funnel or (with a steady hand) none at all. The funnel I bought for the task was too short to fit tight and blocked my view resulting in a mess when oil backed up on the second quart; I poured the remaining seven quarts without using the funnel. So, don't buy AAP's "Locking Oil Funnel" (Part No. 10709) for the job, the spout is too short.

Cost was reasonable for a quality job, and now I know it is done right.

$44.54 (10) qts of Mobil1 0W-20 during sale (Part No 98JQ66);

$ 4.33 Oil filter kits (04152-YZZA5);

$ 0.80 Oil drain plug gasket (90430-12031);

Thanks to "Johnny" (aka Burnaby) for the excellent directions.

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