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1994 Es300 Pulling Right At 40Mph

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Ok so i just bought my first lexus and its a 1994 lexus es300.It has 270k on the body and about 80k on the motor thanks to leahmen lexus york,pa.So any way i have a few small issues im interested to see if you guys have any answers b/c i dont have a clue.So when im accelerating for a stop light it shifts fine and everything but for some odd reason it jolts to the right not hard just kinda jumps over(40mph) then its drives fine till i have to accelerate thats one issue.Next is i was driveing down the other day and the abs light came on checked my fluid and it was good and im checking my pads tommarrow mabe that will be it just want the light off breaks fine abs is working.Next issue is that i got my a/c charged the other day and i turned it on and smoke started comeing from the back of the engine.The a/c worked for about a day or so and now it blows warm again. So my final issue is that i have a check engine light and i can figure out how to read the check light so i can check the code and fix it. So please lexusownersclub help me as soon as you can...

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