Noise From Turn Signal Inside The Car. Hmm ?

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K this is a weird one, and not quite sure what to think. just gonna ask for a heads up before i do my usual me thing and tear the entire steering colum apart to try and find the problem.

the turn signal "bar" that you pull up or down to put on your turn lights... makes a sort of plastic squeeking noise on the down pull (left blinker light) but not on the up pull (right light)

The noise itself is 100% coming from the bar itself, at the base where it connects to the steering colum.. and my real question is the type of noise its making... its a cross between a squeek and a sort of eeeeee noise for a half second while engaging the signal. its weird kinda hard to describe.

If anyone has ever heard a slight crackle of 2 live wires in electricity kinda squeeking it sounds like a cross of that and plastic scraping on itself making the noise.

now before i go squirting wd40 or something into it.... I doubt its electrical, because the fuses and volts seem to check out. no loss of current, nor any non-functioning lights...

Ideas?? anyone happen across this before?? (98 es btw)



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I have an intermittent crackle noise coming from my steering column too.  It sounds like a live wire arcing.  Have you made any progress in this?

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