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How To Remove Outside Mirror?

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I hit the passenger side outside mirror on the side of my garage as I was backing out. The outside cover broke away, but luckily only internal plastic parts were damaged.

I am in the process of epoxying the internal broken pieces together, but now, to do a better job, I would like to free up the internal workings from the plastic housing (shell). I see that there are three phillips screws visible behind the mirror that seem to secure the internals to the shell, and if I angle the mirror just so (using the dashboard control), I can sort of get a grip on the screws with a screwdriver to turn them.

But I was wondering if there is any easy method of simply removing just the mirror, which would give me better access to those screws. Or is there some secret to taking the outside mirror assembly apart without damaging the mirror, motor, or the shell?

Any guidance would be welcome. Needless to say, I am pretty unhappy, since the car is less than six months old. But at least I am glad the damage is such that I don't have to replace the entire outside mirror assembly (or even just the shell), because it would be fairly expensive, I think.

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