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I got a small hole in my exhaust behind the O2 sensor welded shut, and when I went to collect the car it wouldn't start, just cranked and cranked and cranked. I wrote that off as a coincidence and wasn't the fault of the muffler shop. I got the crank position sensor cleaned and the car started again perfectly, for two weeks infact, but today i started getting the same problem again perfect crank but the engine won't start. I'm at a loss here.

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Well you have to start in the beginning and see if its spark/ignition or fuel. Why did you touch the CS position sensor? Is CEL on? Are there any error codes in the ECU?

Can you smell unburnt fuel under hood or at exhaust? That might suggest ignition problem. If you pull a plug wire can you get it to arc to the block when cranking? Can you measure fuel pressure in the fuel rail to the injectors? Low reading might suggest fuel pump issues. Pretty hard to dial you in without more information.

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I exhausted my own personal knowledge, fuel air and fire looked okay, and I was then out of ideas. I took the car to my mechanic who made the executive decision to go to the cranks sensor which in turn fixed everything, but only lasted about two weeks as a solution. I'm out east long-term temporarily so don't have any tools here. I'm an amateur when it comes to actual car tinkering, and don't trust myself shorting the ecu to read the blinking lights. I will say that it sounds as though I've got a spark, but with the car sitting dead in my driveway I can't move it to my mechanic and will at last resort tow the car.

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