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  1. I exhausted my own personal knowledge, fuel air and fire looked okay, and I was then out of ideas. I took the car to my mechanic who made the executive decision to go to the cranks sensor which in turn fixed everything, but only lasted about two weeks as a solution. I'm out east long-term temporarily so don't have any tools here. I'm an amateur when it comes to actual car tinkering, and don't trust myself shorting the ecu to read the blinking lights. I will say that it sounds as though I've got a spark, but with the car sitting dead in my driveway I can't move it to my mechanic and will at las
  2. I got a small hole in my exhaust behind the O2 sensor welded shut, and when I went to collect the car it wouldn't start, just cranked and cranked and cranked. I wrote that off as a coincidence and wasn't the fault of the muffler shop. I got the crank position sensor cleaned and the car started again perfectly, for two weeks infact, but today i started getting the same problem again perfect crank but the engine won't start. I'm at a loss here.
  3. I'm a long time member of but the community seems to be dwindling a little, which is really too bad, as I've had a great time there. I'm an avid car fan, driving a 2010 C63 AMG a 1992 BMW 850 with the 6speed the Lexus which is a 94 LS400 which I've spent more money on then i'll ever get out of it and the soon to be 4th car(bike?) is either a 1988 BMW m6 or a 2010 BMW R1000SS. I love my cars, and I hope to find this forum filled with information!
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