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Head Gasket :s ?

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Hi everyone, I am new to this club. I recently purchased a 1997 lexus es300 the car is fine it runs strong I have driven in it on 100 mile trips but it has never over heated, nor has any white smoke ever come out of the tail-pipe. However, what worries me is that when the engine is cold and I start it with the radiator cap removed, everything is fine however, once I start reving the engine radiator fluid starts spurting out and after a few minutes, once the engine starts reaching operating temperature bubbles start appearing in the radiator fluid. I think the radiator has some back pressure. Correct me if I am wrong but if the fluid level does not stay leveled upon reving the engine or if bubbles start appearing in the fluid that does indicate a blown head gasket.

What puzzles me is that the car is running fine, it's not over heating nor is any white smoke coming out of the tail pipe. Is there something wrong with my car???????????

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