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Lx 470 Tail Light Lens Removal


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This posting was made almost 2 months ago and no one has provided any information. Surely, someone knows what to do. Anyone? :o

The tail light/brake light bulb on my 2000 LX470 is burned out and I cannot figure out how to remove the lens or assembly to replace it. It is the outboard lens attached to the body, not the one attached to the tail gate.

Should be simple but it is a mystery to me.

If it is a clip fitting, is a special tool needed to avoid breaking the clip or disfiguring the plastic or paint?


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The solution is very simple. Remove two tork screws that are revealed when the tailgate is let down and gently pull or pry the lens TO THE SIDE, not straight back. The tailight assembly is removed and bulb connections are revealed.

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