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Does The Fcc Id Really Matter


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Hello all, I am new 1999 Lexus ES 300 owner. The car didn't come with a keyless remote, only one key to start the car. I have searched E-bay for a replacement FOB and have found plenty but with a different FCC ID than what my owners manual has listed MOZ RI-4ATY. I have tried to find out if the FCC ID really does matter or not when it come to buying a replacement. I contacted a guy at the who will sell me an OEM version for $90 but said that he has never heard of having to insure it has the same FCC ID. I can buy a remote FOB for my year Lexus all day long for about $25 off of E-bay and then program myself if I have to. I have been reading all day the different posting and haven't seen this question ask, so I'm hoping some can answer my question do I have to be concerned with the FCC ID when buying a replacement FOB.


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