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My Car Keeps Dying! :(


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Starting from the beginning. I bought a salvaged 1995 Lexus LS 400 a few years ago and have had quite a rough time. It was hit from behind. It is drivable, however it pulls to the right. I had to replace the tie-rod, ball and joint on both side. Recently it snowed and all of a sudden it just started dying. I had to have it jumped a couple of times. When this started happening I was at a friends, he jumped my car but it would just die as soon as I let my foot off the gas. I ended up making it home but I had to do a series of maneuvers to make it, such as when slowing down I had to put it in neutral and keep some gas on it so it wouldn’t die. I made it home without it dying but once I parked it and let my foot off the gas that was it. Today I went to jump it to see if it was doing the same thing. Once I jumped it I let my foot off the gas and it kept running. So I took it for a ride around the block and started to put it in the garage when it died again. It seems that it might be electrical, because if I turn on the air, lights, turn signal, etc. it dies. I just want to get the car back up and running so I can either trade it off or sale it. Please help a poor man that NEVER catches a break.!

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Sounds like it may be IACV related. The fact it idles when cold is because the car (actually the ECU) intentionally revs up engine during warm up period and then reverts back to a slower RPM. If it drives fine at road speeds (i.e. not idle) then it's a good chance its the IACV or a dirty throttle body. Both are DIY projects so you won't need a lot of $$$ to get it fixed. Search the forum for cleaning and testing of these and you should be on the mend.

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