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Keyless Entry 1991 Ls400


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Hello, I am a new owner of a 1991 LS400. The car has a couple of issues with the keys. The driver's door handle is broken, and the lock is not working properly. I can open but not lock the car using the key. The lock cylinder in the truck is missing completely, and the master key is missing its button, which I understand triggers keyless entry.

It doesn't seem worthwhile to pay a lot of money to get back to a 1991 style keyless entry system. I am tempted to update to something more modern, with a better range, remote trunk access, etc. I am trying to work through the maze of options (e.g. at Autotoys), which is made more difficult because I don't really know what the car has already in terms of security, or what can be done. I don't want to spend a lot of money, but if I can get a basic keyless entry system for $40 or $50 that would seem to fit the bill. Any advice?

Also, how easy is it to swap out the lock cylinder?

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We discussed this just recently. Any remote keyless system is easily wired in to provide door locks, OE security arm/disarm, as well as any other options you may want to add. I buy/install Prestige systems (made by Audiovox) and even their entry level keyless has light flash, horn output, starter disable, an LED, etc. making it nearly a full featured alarm with just a few add-ons.

The door lock wires found in the kick panel also do the OE security so it's an easy 5-6 wire hookup for whatever you want to do. I've done hundreds of them on cars for over a decade including my own LS400.

The key cylinder isn't bad to replace, since the door handle is damaged it's best to do it all in one as you'll have to pull the handle anyway to remove the cylinder. I deleted the passenger side cylinder on my car completely since it's rarely used, I have the keyless, and the OE driver cylinder can be used for all door lock/unlock anyway. The driver though is a little more involved due to the extra wiring and controls it has.

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