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Slow Respond In Low Rpm

Tommy kold

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Hi Guys and girls

My name is Tommy i live in indonesia and i just recently bought a Toyota Harrier aka Lexus rx300 :) its a 3.0 liter engine and fwd year 2000 but it might be a model 2001 since the taillights look different from model 2000.

I searched the site and found out that my RX has all the common problems such as D position bulp is dead im not gonna make a move on that since that is not important for me ....my clock resets when i start the car so a new battery should be needed small issue for me ill get that done later on.

The problem i got that is annoying me is that when i drive at low rpm the engine kinda like studder "shake" and have no power ..i seen many post on MAF-sensor and o2 sensor or IACV but i dunno where to start and even thoug i feel rich when i drive my RX the reality hits hard when i look into my wallet :)..i have no check engine light on but it should be on since its not proper driving in low rpms.

I went to autorized toyota dealer close to me and omg indonesia never stops surprising you ..they started guessing this and that but since i had a feeling of what would be the problem either MAF sensor or O2 sensor then i just asked them to get prices on these parts ..well after waiting half an hour the guy came back and asked me for the spare part numbers since they could not find them ...soooooo i kinda lost confidence in that workshop should handle my car even a airfilter was not on stock ...this gonna work out great :D.

So is it pssible to have defect sensors and still no check engine light ? ..the motor vibrates and lack power in low rpms and how to i know where to start when i get no check engine light..the lack of power on accelaring is not cosistent it comes and goes ...about how it is a high speed i dunno cause traffic is slow here and unfortunently thats means in low rpm most of the time...the mileage is poor its right now standing at 4.7 km pr liter not impressing.

so where to start with this MAF or O2 sensor or something totally else ?

Any advice is appreciated


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