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A Couple Of Nav Questions From A New 2010 Owner


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We had a Nav system on a previous car that would organize multiple destinations into a logical route, e.g. closest to the starting point first, then the next closest, etc. The Lexus system will let you change the order, but the sequence seems entirely up to the inputer. Any suggestions about how to arrive at a logical route w/ the Lexus system using Route Overview or a display that shows all of the distances for each destination? I can see from the manual that these might be helpful, but haven't tried them yet.

On our previous system the audio system would automatically lower its volume when the Nav voice gave a direction. Is this possible with the Lexus system? I've read the manual and don't see anything but general volume control.

I'd appreciate any info on either issue.


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You have set the NAV at top or near top volume level.

Unlike other systems,the unit does not lower radio volume.

That and not being able to imput on the fly really stinks.

I guess I can live with the volume issue.

I didn't know that I can't input while moving. There have been lots of times when the passenger would input the information while we are moving. If we are not able to do that, it is a really serious disappointment.

The car doesn't have 100 miles on it yet, which is why I didn't know this already.

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