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Intermittent Driver's Side Window

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When the power window on my SC300 goes all the way down it will not go up right away. If I wait about 30 seconds it will go part way up then stop. Then go again after another wait. I put a volt meter on the wires going to the motor, it's getting power but nothing moves, after waiting 30 seconds it will work again. . I took the motor off, the brushes looked good. The bushing on the top of the shaft was cracked, we machined a new bushing out of a piece of delron. It operated smoother but still won't move when the window goes all the way down. It seems like the pressure sensor is stoping it from going back up.. If I stop the window before it hits the bottom stop it seems to work OK. I ran the motor on my work bench with the regulator off of it and the motor runs good with no load.

I have replaced the window regulator, the old one had 2 broken strands on the cable. That didn't help.

If anybody has had this problem and knows how to fix it would save the price of a new motor.

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