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Suspension Creak.


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My 98 LX470 is starting to make a strange noise from the front suspension from the drivers' side. It's a very annoying creaking sound. It happens when you get into the truck and I can make it happen on command by rocking the truck in an up and down or side to side motion. I've tried to get under it while someone rocks it but cannot pinpoint its exact location. I am assuming it is some gasket or bushing or any type of other rubber part that has gone bad. Before I bring it in I just wanted to see if anyone else has had to replace a similar part for a similar noise or has an idea of what it might be.

Here this might help...I took a video of the sound while I am jumping on the running board.....sounds more like rubber on metal noise.

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I talked to a Lexus Mechanic and he mentioned something about it sounding like the sway bar bracket, bushing or link. Is that the same as a stabilizer bar? I am going to go to a regular mechanic later this week and hopefully it will not require a trip to the stealership.

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In the meantime while you guys were too worried and having fits about a speedometer I fixed a real problem with my truck.

I got up underneath the truck and found the sway bar with all the links and rubber parts and such. They looked pretty dry and cruddy from road grime. Sooooo because I have seemed to pinpoint where the creak is coming from I took a can of WD40 and went to town. Probably used half a can. And phenomenally the creak is gone!! No matter how hard I jump on the running board or how big of bumps in the road I hit.....there is silence. I guess I could have gotten all those parts replaced but hey as long as the WD40 can handle the job I'm going the cheapest way out and not go to the stealership first. Jt should be a pretty easy fix anyway. As soon as the WD40 doesn't work anymore it's off to the mechanic!!!

And what we have below here is the sway bar braket, bushings and links.......


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