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Pcv Valve Gx 470


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The top Engine hood cover has to be removed in order the tool can be used to remove the PCV valve. The hood has got 4-6 bolts ( i think on top of my head).

The location of the PCV valve is when you face the Engine from the front . the PCV valve ( if you have a purchased a new one) you will see the same one on the left side of the Engine towards the rear not exactly but corner ( between the 4-6 Plug) .It has got a Ventilation Valve cover you need to remove it in order to replace the Ventilation Valve itself which is beneath it.

Before you replace you can do a pre-check if they are faulty. Remove the old one and Blow air in the valve, and check if the air pass through smoothly. if not replace it, as these deposits are difficult ot be cleaned.

Important Note :chairshot: :chairshot: :-Do not suck the air, as these petroleum deposits are very harmful.

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