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Rx300 Vent Controls


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I guess it could be a number of things. I had a similar problem on my 2001 RX300 except mine wouldn't change to heat. I replaced the mode servo and solved the problem. While I had everything disassembled, I replaced the air mix servo as well. (This is the one that could be your problem.) They are right together but the air mix is more difficult to replace. Both are located behind the glovebox. Mine made a clicking noise under the dash, above the CD changer. At first, I thought the sound was the CD changer going through it motions but it was clicking all the time. It was the servos. When it stopped clicking, the HVAC was stuck in one mode--no heat.

Before going to all this work, search this forum for problems like yours. I have added links to the two parts below. Good luck!

mode servo (Lexus number) 87106-30371 parts.com $117.89


air mix servo (Lexus number) 87106-30340 parts.com $116.21


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