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Ipod & Vias Interface 'problem'


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Installed Vias Ipod interface...worked...sort of

The Nav Screen would blank out.

Vias replaced unit (they stand behind their product, good guys)

Same symptom . . at random time after playing...or maybe after pushing a button to change song , Nav Screen goes blank....

Thinking unlikely two differnt Vias units have a problem , ask lexus to look at it.

Their reply : "Ipod & interface" draws too much power.

Anyone else have this symptom ?

(It's wifes truck & Ipod, other than installing, I know very little)

Might it be she needs to switch Ipod to some 'mode' ? Can it be tied to how songs are stored ( e.g., playlist) ?

She's gonna try her nano (the tiny Ipod with no display)

( I also installed the facotry sat radio...it works like a champ)

Thanks and Happy Holidays (Merry Christmas)

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