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Transmission Problem?

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My GS300 lurches forward on occasion from a dead stop. Most of the time, this occurs on a hill. Could this be a transmission problem? I recently had the fluid changed in the transmission. It was not flushed and the filter was not changed. The service advisor explained that Lexus/Toyota does not recommend breaking any seals that aren't leaking. Any insight would be appreciated.

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Sounds like a throttle problem, this is how i understand it.

remember there isnt any throttle cable its early drive by wire system so the accelerator is basically an electrical button connected to a switch in the engine.

If some of that system is out of adjustment and the switch in the engine gets a signal it will accelerate. my 2001 GS300 doesnt do that but it is very sensative in the accelerator and sometime in the city I will hold it a second on the brake because as soon as i touch the accelorator it takes off

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