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How Many Quarts Of Amsoil Atf Do I Need?


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Quick question everyone

I have 97 ES300 and plan to do 3 drain and fills and was wondering how much Amsoil ATF I should buy.

I thought I remember reading somewhere that it takes 3.7 quarts for a drain and fill, but wasn't sure if this was correct (can't find it in the owners manual for some reason). Rounding out to 4 x 3 = 12 quarts?


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4 quarts is about the right amount

now why do u want to do drain and fill 3 times? i am not sure if there is a filter in this transmission.

i would consider changing that too

if u are going from other brands to amsoil fluid, you can unplug the transmission coolant hoses from the radiator and turn the car on. the pump will push another 2 quarts out. please don't drive your car w/the trans coolant hoses off.

if this car hasn't changed the trans fluid in a long time, it's probably NOT a good idea to change now

the new fluid acts as a detergent and can eat up the old/degraded seals

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