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Car Meet/party At Shark Club- Dec. 12

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Hey guy and Gals-

This Saturday night Shark Club has come to me to put on a car meet in there well lit parking lot. They have told me they will supply flood lights set up in multiple locations to provide enough light for the cars. They will have plenty of media coverage that night, so plenty of good photo opportunities. All i Ask is for you guys to wash up you rides and be ready to party all night! Bring your friends bring your chicks and bring you inner party monster!!

All people over 21 get free entry into Shark Club as long as they arrive and check in before 11:00, people ages 18-20 will be $15 before 11:00. Everyone is $20 after 11:00. The address for Shark Club is 841 Baker St, Costa Mesa, Ca.

I do need if you are planing on showing your car to be in the lot by 9:00pm before valet opens. Anybody and everybody who comes will need to check in at the guest list table as "949" before 11:00pm. If you have any Questions or comments please feel free to pm me or email me at shellbecobra69@gmail.com

Thank you guys so much and i cant wait to have you guys out to party!!


-I do need a idea of how many spaces i need to save-

1. 9shelby/ baskins87- shelby










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