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Toyota 0w20 Oil..

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Hi. I have had a VOA (virgin oil analysis) done on Toyota 0w20 oil by two different labs, and the results are extremely good. This looks like a well designed robust oil (made by Idemitsu as far as we can tell) with a ton of Moly in it (a good antiwear additive). It also has a viscosity index in the 210-240 range depending on which lab you believe. A high viscosity index is a good thing. I will be having a UOA (used oil analysis) done when I change the oil, but that won't be until spring. I can then see how well it fared in my RX400h.

Trust me, you'll have no trouble running this oil in any Lexus or Toyota (or many other vehicles - Honda 0w20 is also made by Idemitsu, but the VOA on it is slightly different). When I bought a case of 12 from the Toyota dealership, the parts guy showed me an internal Toyota bulletin regarding the 0w20 oil specifically. It IS a synthetic oil, despite the lack of labeling as such on the bottle.

The bulletin went on for 4 pages, but it looks like 0w20 will be the ONLY oil spec'd in most upcoming Toyota and Lexus models. It has also been back spec'd for quite a number of Toyota/Lexus engines, but I don't recall which ones. The 2nd generation RX was listed for sure. Best bet if you want to run it on an older engine is to ask your dealership (or Toyota corporate) if your engine has been back spec'd.

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