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Battery Dead Frequently

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bought the battery early this year, the battery has been dead for a couple of times. Think it is wierd because I drive on highways almost every the other day, and headlights are always automatically off when I leave my car.


When the battery is dead, it is totally dead. Called AAA, they jumped the car with a portable starter, but one or two minutes after I drove the car, it went off again, totally. lucky I was still in the parking lot!

However jumping the car with my friend's car and cables worked.

When I pressed window control buttons in nights, the headlight dimmed alot.

Did these symptomes happen to anybody? THANK YOU

My car: 97 ES300

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...check the alternator, it may not be charging the battery. Your smptoms are exactly like when the alternator diodes in my '92 were "burnt out". I then had the alt. rebuilt for under a hundred. (They replace the diodes).

Thanks for the your reply Kingjack133.


AAA sent somebody get the battery checked, cannot rule out the probability that alternator is the problem. Meanwhile, battery voltage is in the risky zone.

THe guy tried a couple of times to jump the car, but everytime I can only drove only yards before panel lights flashed then the whole car died out.

Gonna tow it and get it checked, realizing it's too risky to drive

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