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Replacing Shocks

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Does anybody know the sequence to assemble and disassemble the front- and rear-shocks of a '00 GS400??

Thanks in advance ;)

whats up rocklyn don't know if anyone gave info yet but they are very simple to do. I have a 98 gs 400 and I did the work myself. If you know how to do struts they are the same as any car, just be very careful of the abs wire if you pull on it to hard you may have to change it, it which will cost you 250.00 each and there are four.besides those wires which are attached to the struts there are three nuts under the hood directly over the struts that have to be loosened and if I remember correctly one nut and bolt at the bottom (that could be the back) before you can pull the whole strut assembly out, (just about the same in the rear) write back and I will give you more info I am replacing my struts again they have been on the car since 03 they are completely worn out going to buy a set of bilstiens with a life time warranty.

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