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Headlight Replacment Help!

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I currently have a 1999 GS300, I Love my car and the body is in excellent condition . The only thing in which i wolud like to change are the Yellowish headlights. I have tryed everything to clear them up but at the end of the day they are just old and at the point of no return. The sun damage is inside and not in the extirior. I have HID headlight but the replacement to them are very expensive. I always bump in to non HID headlights and are still in my price range but i dont know if I could replace my HID w/ Non HID headlight ???? I realy dont mind loosing the HID performance Iam more for the look of a clean good looking GS..

Thanks for any info on this matter


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You can get just the housings for the HID lights from Lexus. Part #81130-3A152 RH and #81170-3A472 LH. They are about $214.43 per side online. They are about $310.00 list at the dealer.

Thanks for the info... Ill look into That....

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