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rack swap disaster

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so i will try to make this as short and simple as possible,  I ordered a rebuilt rack and pinion from detroit axle, had a hell of a time getting it swapped out with the old one, after thinking i was done with the install I realized i didnt put new crush rings on the pressure and return line coming from the rack, that was mistake # 1. Mistake number 2 i bent and broke the banjo fitting that comes from the return line from the rack. So i was able to find a fitting inplace of the banjo fitting and connected it to the return side, no problems no leaks. Got the car put back together and it doesnt seem to much power steering and when  turning the wheel all the way to the left it seems like the tire is rubbing? I double checked to make sure the rack was centered which it is, havent been able to have someone look while turning left to see what exactly is rubbing yet. Oh yea and in the process my wheel got turned or moved so the steering was off half a turn to the left when the wheels were straight so i disconnected the sliding yoke from the steering shaft and gave it a half a turn back to the right so the wheel was straight with the tires centered and now my telescopic steering wont work lol

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