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Interesting P/s Pump Failure


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hi folks, appreciate the resource here. i thought i'd share the reason i need a new p/s pump on my 1991

my p/s pump progressed rapidly from a whine to a growling/rattling sound. from the sound i assumed the bearing had blown up. wrong. the bearing was fine, but somehow the upper vane holder piece had cracked where the inner o-ring seats against the outerwall of the shaft housing. seems weird since it is not even a moving part. it looks like the whole vane assembly must have somehow been moving up and down on the shaft.

so i can't rebuild this thing unless the vane holder can be sourced separately. i have a rebuild kit in hand and i am trying to decide whether to buy one from a wrecker or just bite the bullet and buy a new oem one. i don't suppose anyone has found a decent rebuilder? no way do i want to experience the joy of removing that pump again soon.

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Join the power steering pump failure club. Despite popular belief, these cars (1990-94 LS400) have got to have the worst power steering pumps on any car, ever. I am not saying that all cars have perfect pumps, nor that no other cars have PS leaks, but I have owned about 90 cars since 1991 and two have been LS400s. Out of those the LS400s were the only ones with power steering pump leaks. This is not just an LS400 issue, its a problem on other Toyotas from the same era, but dont seem as widespread... seems to plague the Land Cruiser and Celicas. NONE of my late 80s/early 90s Camrys had this issue and they had just as many miles.

Hope you get yours fixed soon.... I am still looking for that info as well. Maybe someone here can chime in. I think most everyone here with a 1990-94 LS either has power steering pump leaks, or has had PS pump leaks, or will soon have PS pump leaks. ;)

Maybe one day we will all get lucky and Lexus will recall them and replace the whole thing for free. :) Big maybe. :)

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