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Bring Up My Rpm On 94 Gs 300

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ok so i put in a crazy sound system in my gs 6 -- 10" 6 -- 8" 4 --6" 2 -- 12" 8 2000 watt amps 5 t.v.'s

full air ride suspen. fbss

anyway alternator blew out ordered a high power from ohio generators work perfect but on idel which is about 800 or 900 RPM i get 14.2 volts which is fine but at 1000 to 1100 RPM i get 15.4 volts which is much better since i hace 8 high voltage batteries and they charge faster

ok i locked in the RPM at 1100 now when i turned off the car and back on the RPM goes down to 800 or 900 RPM like factory i called lexus they said the computer reads it as the wrong RPM and resets it :angry::angry: what can i do to keep it at 1100 RPM does anyone know how to over ride it :)

thanks in advance for your help

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Idle speed is PCM controlled and not adjustable by any factory means. How exactly did you "lock-in" the idle at 1100 RPM?

Furthermore, I have never heard of a "high voltage" battery. That term sounds like salesman jargon to me. Any 12V battery intended for automotive use will supply 12.65V at 100% charge. The recommended charging voltage for automotive batteries is between 13.2–14.4V. Any more than that will risk damaging the batteries. Even expensive Optima batteries caution keeping the charging voltage below 15V to prevent damaging them.

In your case, as long as the batteries are charged, they should provide ample power reserve for the additional loads you have installed. For the most part, the alternator should be sized large enough to provide all the current (Amps) not voltage you require.

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