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Water Temperature


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I have a 2001 RX300 with 20K miles on it. What is the normal water temperature for this suv in winter (Minnesota weather)? I was driving for about 30 minutes, the water temperature was well above mid point. It was a little lower than 3/4 of the way. It was about 25 degrees out. It never climbs above 3/4 of the way no matter how long I drove it, but it does climb rather quickly from a cold start. Should I be concern? What can caused this?



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dont worry about it unless its in the Red Zone. if it climes higher than in the center then try this... open flush valve and drain all flud put hose in the top fill cap start engine and flush for 20-30 min.. let all the water drain and put proper radiator fluid back in. make sure its toped off!!

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