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Unusual Nav Lcd Behavior. Please Help!

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My battery recently went dead, and during the replacement process my computer got somewhat corrupted. I would like to confirm that the behavior of my LCD display has changed. The dealer seems to think it operates normally. I'm hoping someone can do a simple check to confirm my belief that the system is malfunctioning.

My car is a 2005 LS 430 Ultra Luxury Model, but I'm sure pretty much any of the models would be similar. When I start my car the LCD display is always off. Even if the Audio display was on when I previously turned the car off, the display always starts in the off mode. I seem to remember before my problem, the display would present whatever mode was up when the car was turned off.

Moreover, if I display the climate mode, then press the audio button to display the audio mode, and then press the audio button again to turn off the audio display, I'm fairly certain that the original behavior would be to re-display the climate mode which was up prior to displaying the audio mode. The reverse would also be true. However, the new behavior (since replacing the battery and corrupting the computer) is that going from one mode to the other turns off the prior mode. So for example, displaying audio, then climate, followed by pressing the climate button to turn the climate display off, results in the LCD screen being off, rather than the re-display of the audio. It's like the display system has amnesia.

This also manifests itself in the following circumstance. Turn on the audio display (while the car is in park). Put the gear shift into reverse to get the rear backup camera, and then shift into drive. Does the audio screen redisplay or is your LCD screen now off? Mine would shut off.

So here is my simple request. Can someone confirm that there display behaves as I believe mine orginally did? To confirm, turn on climate display, then audio display, turn audio display off (by pressing the audio button again), and confirm that the climate mode would redisplay.

It's a simple test that takes virtually no time, but I would really appreciate the feedback. Oh, one last thing. I have the display set so that it doesn't automatically return to the navigation screen.

Thanks for your help,


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