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Is Abs Working?

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My 1999 GS 300 was kept in the garage in the Winter until I had to give up my company car. Now the GS will be used in all weather conditions. Yikes! First real snow yesterday and I find that the front wheels lock up (skid) when the vehicle speed gets below 9 mph and brakes are applied.

The owners manual actually says something about the dual ABS and the 9 mph cut out. What's up with that? I ordered new all-season tires last night but now wonder if I should have ordered snow tires.

Never had a car with ABS where the tires would actually lock up.


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How do you know the wheels are skidding? I know for a fact that ABS works at ALL speeds. I have mine kick in every time I hit the ice with the brakes on at 1 MPH. Are you sure the effect you're feeling isn't just the ABS activating and you moving forward while sliding over the ice? It isn't usually possible to stop immediately (if at all) on ice. You will keep moving forward until you hit a patch of dry land.

If your hearing a buzzing/clicking sound from the front driver's side of the car while this is happening, your ABS system is working properly. That's just the way it works. Keep your foot down and hope you can stop in time.

Lastly, (IMHO) you should DEFINATELY, ABSOLUTELY order winter tires (not to mention a shovel, blanket and a version of the bible you like, for your trunk). Buy the best winter tires you can afford. In my experience, driving in the snow in the GS is poor to passable even with good snow tires.

A word of advice, all-season tires do not exist. All-season tires should be more appropriately be called 3-season tires, or all-seasons besides winter. Like they say in Porsche land, "snow tires, there is no substitute."

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