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Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement?


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I have a groaning/roaring sound coming from the left(driver) rear wheel. Can only be the wheel bearing as I've checked/adjusted brakes and such. Not popping so not the cv joints.

My Question:

I would like to do it myself and save the $400+ in labor they want for changing this but where I've read, you must take the entire knuckle off. The bearing appears to be removed from the outside of the knuckle/hub and not towards the inside. There is a lot to remove which is fine if need be but it seems that it isn't necessary. Once the caliper and rotor are off along with the axle nut, can the axle hub not be pulled out to have access to the snap ring and wheel bearing? I could be totally off but that's how it appears on the illustration. Can someone who has done this please enlighten me as to what I"m missing?

I got to this point and pulled on the axle hub but it didn't want to come easily so I didin't force the issue. Thanks for any help. Car is apart so a speedy response would be appreciated.

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i appreciate the link. Already looked at it. That's where it tells of taking the knuckle off. I'm wanting someone who has done it before to tell me if it can be done without pulling the knuckle off. Maybe just pulling the axle hub out and pulling the bearing.

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i got mine replaced last year. they got to completely removed the knuckle and to get to the bearing hubs. they then used pneumatic press to get the bearings off the hubs and also insert new bearings in again.

i know you dont want to remove so many things, but to me, it would be much easier for you to replace the bearings with knuckle off the car

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