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Problems With Vsc


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Has anyone had problems with their VSC Failure Warning Light? I have had this warning come up on my 06 LX470 several times within the last 6 months. The VSC TRAC and VSC OFF lights will come up on the dash. The manual says to take it to a Lexus Dealer which I have 2 times already. They didn't find any problems. Just today, the lights came back on. Its driving me crazy.

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My VSC comes on occasionally for no reason, and I lose steering power. It has been happening since I got the vehicle (new in 2005). Whenever I ask them to check it, they say they cannot detect any problems.

I ended up buying an extended warranty because I was also having problems with the height sensors malfunctioning.

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ihave same problem but ihave 3 light

check engine

vsc off

vsc truk

the igo to man he have computer in my country

and he tested my car by computer

he tell me to change 2 sinsor exhaust back side

the i change it and problem finish

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