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Dear GX470 Owners, :cheers:

I'm a Lexus & Toyota enthusiast in Tokyo, Japan. I own a Land Cruiser PRADO (Japan & Euro Model). I strongly want to get the GX470 genuine parts, which are not sold in Japan. Although Lexus is the Japanese company, currently there is no Lexus channel in our country.

I had tried to contact many of Lexus dealers in CA, online parts retailers like "LEXUS PARTS ONLINE", and e-bay etc, however I could not get useful response. I already got a parts list, so I know all parts number that I want to purchase. And I will ship the parts from Los Angels to Tokyo.

Then I'd like to ask you,

1. Does anyone know a discount OEM parts retailer, wholesaler, or dealer in US ?

2. Does anyone help me to get the GX parts ?

And if you want, I can offer for you to get all the parts of PRADO, like euro tail lights, crystal tail lights, custom body parts, etc, as Japan list price. I think it must be cheaper than US price. (for ex, a euro taillight is only $120.00 in japan)

I can also arrange to export the parts from Tokyo to US. If you are interested, please see the Japan Toyota website. (language is Japanese only)

The attached photo is my car.

I really would appreciate for your kindly cooperation.


Takahiro Sakurai


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